Spoiler: we believe the key to success is “Care”. We built this video because we want to spread the word as well as let people know this is the kind of company we are. Throughout the history of our company as well as our individual lives, we’ve seen this tenant hold true and didn’t want to keep it a secret. It’s funny to say it could even be considered a secret because it sounds so obvious but sometimes you just need to state the obvious to open people’s eyes.

Don’t get us wrong though. It’s not that we care because we want to be successful. Success is merely a biproduct of “Care”. We truly care about helping you solve your technical challenges and genuinely enjoy the process of creating your solutions. It’s simple, we love databases.

We often work long hours, nights and weekends. Our friends and loved ones look at us as if we’re ultra-dedicated individual super human workers. To us, it doesn’t feel this way at all. When you’re fortunate to do what you love for a living, it’s super easy to look dedicated. In reality, we’re just having fun and when you’re having fun, it’s the easiest to care about what you’re doing. You never want to stop!

So if you’re looking for a custom online database company that loves what they do and cares deeply about everything they do, consider Node14. If not, no worries! Either way we recommend you find the things you love in life and implement care everywhere you can!

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