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How many emails and phone calls do you get about order statuses each day?

Many business owners commit 40% of their day communicating updates to their customers. Is this a good use of your valuable time?

Does Your Email Look Like This?

A Ton Of Customer Emails

Customers Checking On Orders

Answering The Same Questions

Service Email Overload

Does Your Solution Look Like This?


Doesn't Allow For Reporting

Incorrect Or Missing Data

Service Tracking with a spreadsheet

How much does a poor process cost your business?

The time spent and overall customer satisfaction lost due to a non-existent or poor process can lead to huge decreases in profit.

Time spent tracking down orders for customers.

Disappointing customers with poor communication.

Hours spent correcting and cleaning up spreadsheets.

Automated Notifications

Your customers are notified automatically via email and/or text message about various stages of order production as they occur in real time!

That could be annoying! - Jobs can be configured so that only certain milestones trigger notifications. Additionally customers can unsubscribe from notifications at any time.

Node14 Order Tracking Automated Notifications

Internal Job Monitoring

Additionally and automatically allows business owners to monitor and report on the production pipeline's entire and individual stage efficiency.

How is that possible? - Each stage of a job is time tracked. In addition to using this data for notifying customers, we also log it for internal reporting.

Node14 Search Interfaces

A Snap To Use

Enjoy simple interfaces, incredible reporting and best in class software engineering specifically tailored to the service industry.

But my business is unique... - The service tracking system has many different configuration options to accommodate nearly any service style business. However, in the event that you need something super specific, you can work with Node14’s engineers to create something just for you!

Node14 Job Tracking Software

Stop Wasting Time & Make Your Customers Happy, Today!

Node14 offers you the ability to try our service tracking features yourself or schedule a personalized demo where you can see how the system can work specifically for your business.

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Service Tracker Pricing

Node14 offers custom pricing for all Service Tracking clients based on their specific usage. This pricing is not available online as we calculate the lowest payment possible based on your needs.
NOTE: Service tracker pricing and Node14 custom database system pricing are different pricing structures.

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