Node14 builds custom online databases
without the high costs and slow speeds of other platforms.

Node14 Custom Business Database Software

We Build Software Our Customers Love To Use

I have been a customer for a year now and I have been so happy with everything Node14 has done for me and my business. It has made everything so much more streamlined and quick...

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Let's Be Honest, Are Spreadsheets
And DIY The Best Way To Run Your Business?

Forcing technology designed for some other purpose to
work for your specific needs often increases workload!

Do Your Spreadsheets Look Like This?


Missing Data

Incorrect Formatting

Not Suitable For Reporting

Bad Spreadsheet Data

Does Your Software Look Like This?

Cluttered & Buggy

Many Unneeded Features

Many Missing Features

Not Aligned To Business

Complicated Interface With Errors

How much does a bad solution cost your business?

It might not be obvious, but each day with an ill-fitting solution can have extraordinary monetary effects on your business. Consider the below items:

Hours spent learning and configuring DIY solutions.

Additional hours troubleshooting issues and bugs.

Poor business decisions due to inadequate data.

Employees quitting due to frustration.

Wouldn't it be nice to have software that saves you time, grows your business and you actually like using it?

Then you should setup a consultation today.
We'll discuss your needs and get you on the right track, even if it's not with us.

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Incredible features from the start

Your database runs on our pre-built technology structure. This gives you a huge head start with reporting, security and more.

This sounds expensive! - Ours customers find our services cost much less than not only the competition but also their prior solutions.

Node14 Reporting Interfaces

Find and navigate data faster

We use the latest and greatest UI/UX studies and user feedback to tune our interfaces speed and ease of use.

What if I don't like something? - The Node14 Database Engine was built with customization in mind. Let us know what you don't like and we'll find a solution.

Node14 Search Interfaces

Clean, clear and simple data entry interfaces

Enjoy consistently simple and clean interfaces, optimized for specifically your business user's experience.

Do I need training to use Node14? - The entire system is designed with a zero-learning-curve approach. Most users can use the system immediately without training.

Node14 Data Entry Interfaces