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System Features

The below list of features are just some of the benefits that Node14 can provide your business. We are constantly expanding this list and we look to user feedback as the number one influence in what to build next.


The entire system is powered by the proprietary Node14 Database Engine. This robust layer of functionality allows for completely custom features that feel as if they were out of the box standard. The engine also allows for rapid deployment so you can have a fully customized business database application in no time at all.

Node14 is entirely web based. There is no client side software installation other than a modern web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Your IT department can rest easily knowing there are no additional attack surfaces on their network.

Forget learning a design interface, query language or frustrating import utilities. At Node14 we do the work for you and we do it fast. Get your new system up and running exactly how you want it in days instead of months.

We don't believe in large price increases, complicated options, or the inability to calculate your own bill. See exactly how much you will be charged each month and how it's calculated immediately with our easy to read billing interfaces. See pricing information here.


Sections are collections of a specific type of data. For example "Customers" could be one section of data and say "Orders" could be a child section of "Customers". Each Node14 account offers the ability to have an unlimited number of sections with no price cliffs at various levels.

Fields are what sections are composed of. For example, a "Customers" section could have fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. Sections can have an unlimited number of fields within them and are charged the same way regardless. Fields can be customized to specifically your needs and most changes can be made live within minutes.

Rows are the data that is stored within a section and contain fields. For example, a "Customer" section could have fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. A single row would be all of one Customer's data for all the aforementioned fields.

In this example customers are rows. All rows are charged the same regardless of number of fields to keep billing as simple as possible.

With any Node14 account, an initial allowance of file storage is included with the base system fee. Any additional storage is proportionally charged per GB with no price cliffs at various levels.

Create reports on the fly with our report builder for free or request custom code reports for particularly complicated or very specific requirements. Either way, there is no limit to the amount of reports you can have within the system.

With any Node14 account, an initial allowance of users is included with the base system fee. Any additional users will be charged per user. Each Node14 account offers the ability to have an unlimited number of users with no price cliffs at various levels.

All Node14 accounts have unlimited data transfer in and out of our servers. There is no additional charge for data usage each month.


Throughout the entire system there are various locations and levels we can place dashboards and widgets to view data in different ways. Instead of staring at a giant screen of gauges that have no context, Node14 allows you to organize your data in ways that make sense!

Included with all Node14 accounts is access to our instant report builder tool for no additional charge. Use this tool to build, view and download on the fly reports from every piece of data stored in your account. This tool is tightly integrated with the Node14 Database Engine so all your security permissions and setting are honored throughout the entire reporting process.

In the event that you need an extremely specific report, we additionally offer custom code based reports where any behavior is possible.

See more about Database Reports.

Organize your reports for specific purposes with our completely customizable reporting categories. For example, year or month end processes. No longer will you need to hunt through a giant list of reports or guess what you need to run for tax time.

We offer the ability to turn any section's data into a customized Pipeline view. This view allows you to see your data as a progression and where resources are along the way. As with all of Node14, this view is also controlled by the section's user permissions automatically.


Data stored within Node14 is backed up with multiple layers of geographically separated and secured redundant systems. This service is provided automatically for all Node14 accounts by default and included for all sections of data within the system. We additionally utilize multiple data centers with spare servers in the unlikely event of hardware or connection failure.

Included with all Node14 accounts is the ability to securely share data and functionality from within a Node14 account to the outside public internet (no login required). Effortlessly provide access to only the data or features you want public with our granular security configurations and automatically expiring access keys. Use this feature to collect data from customers, share information with users who don't have Node14 logins and much more.

All sections offer the ability to contain rich fields types such as customizable drop downs options, dates, files, text boxes, encrypted passwords, phone numbers, etc. There is no limit to the amount of these fields you can have in a section.

All reporting, dashboards and widgets refresh in real time unless requested otherwise. Additionally, drop down option updates or renames propagate throughout the system immediately. No waiting 24 hours or logging out and back in.

Integrate PCI compliant payment processing within your Node14 system exactly how your business needs. Send payment emails to customers, customize the online checkout process, perform custom actions upon a successful payment, and more. There is no additional charge to use this functionality.

Third party payment processing performed by

Coordinate business deals and eliminate paperwork with our contract module. Design contract templates and automatically populate them with the data from your system. All contracts allow for secure electronic signatures, checksumming and end to end auditing.

There is no additional charge to use this functionality. Read more about Node14 Contracts.

We actively maintain and add new features to the system regularly at no additional cost. We determine which features to build next based on user feedback. Gain more value from the system automatically over time, for no price increase.


All Node14 web traffic is protected by RSA 2048bit SSL encryption. We penetration test, offer a bug bounty program and have strict social engineering training for all employees. Additionally, user accounts are protected by a lock out policy and all suspicious activity is automatically sent to support staff to investigate. We take security very seriously.

Node14 offers granular section permissions for each user within your account. Control each user's permissions to view, add, edit, or delete data in all sections and reports throughout the system with a single click.

We make adding new users to the system a snap with our invitation-based user creation process. We separate the work so the new hire can perform the basic steps, while administrators control the security.

Example: New users create their own account by themselves whenever they want. The system will generate an Invitation Code for them. They pass this code to the account administrator. The account administrator can then import this user securely into their Node14 system.

Node14 automatically audits every single action performed anywhere on the system by default. This data is retained for the lifetime of your account at no additional charge.


We offer support and consulting via email, phone and on-site meetings. However, we find that most of our customers do not require much support at all due to our interface design standards and hover tool tip help. See below for more info.

The entire system is designed with hover tool tips on nearly everything, including your very own custom sections. If you're unsure of something, simply hovering (or clicking and holding on mobile) will tell you more information about the action you're attempting to perform. This feature is deeply implemented throughout Node14.

All Node14 servers are monitored 24/7 by our support staff. Any irregularity is immediately investigated and remedied. We also regularly run validations against the entire system to eliminate any possibility of user or machine error. We believe in making our system the most reliable and available service you can find.

Have a large change you would like to apply to your Node14 account, but want to try it out first? By request, we offer the ability to review changes on a test server prior to rolling out to the production environment. Despite having this option available, we find it rarely required due to the flexibility of the Node14 Database Engine and our controls around such updates.

The Node14 interface was designed with a zero-learning curve approach. We find that most users are able to complete tasks within the system immediately upon being introduced to it with no prior training. However rare, we do offer one on one or group training sessions locally or remote.

Converting from a prior system? Let our support staff help you migrate your data into your Node14 account.

Utilize our custom development services to integrate Node14 into another external system. Contact our support team to discuss the behavior you would like to automate and system to tie to.

Yes, we're serious. Think about the last time you used some common place software and had it throw errors while you used it. After some frustration and creativity, you probably found a work-around but it was aggravating and a waste of your time.

It has become too normal to use software that is riddled with bugs and simply deal with it. We don't believe in this method of development. It is our 100% guarantee that there is not a more stable and bug free system on the market than Node14. Let us prove it to you!

But... do all these features work? See them in action!

Node14 offers you the ability to try these features yourself or schedule a personalized demo where you can see the parts of the system you specifically want to see.

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